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Plan in Hamburg and celebrate all over the world.

Our team of experienced wedding planners and party experts takes care of organizing the most beautiful celebrations both domestically and internationally.

After the wedding comes the next party. Whatever there is to celebrate privately, we take care of the organization, the concept, the right framework, and the support on the day itself. As individual as the parties are, so are the possibilities of support by our team.

Our passion projects – and this has been the case for many years now – are the planning and execution of weddings. We support our couples from the first day of preparations and accompany them until their wedding day. On-site, we ensure perfect execution!


Wedding Planner & CEO

Karina has been immersed in the world of weddings for almost fifteen years, having advised, supported, and accompanied several hundred couples on their big day. As a wedding planner and founder of Festtagsdesign, she lives her dream of turning every celebration into an unforgettable event for her clients.

Hard Facts: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Business Management, Self-employed with Festtagsdesign since 2012.

What is particularly important to you when planning your weddings?
“For me, the most important thing is that every wedding and celebration is as personal as possible. Guests should immediately feel that the taste and style of the hosts have been incorporated into the festivities. Additionally, I place a lot of value on a beautiful planning period. My clients should feel well taken care of and have a lot of fun during the collaborative organization of their celebration. These are some of the most beautiful days in our clients’ lives that we have the privilege to organize. And anticipation definitely plays a part in this celebration for me. In addition to the emotional component, I place a lot of value on perfect preparation for the event day or weekend. This includes precise documentation of all planning details and close communication with all individuals involved in the event.”

Karina in three words? Positive, Solution-oriented, Structured.


Wedding Planner & Independent Wedding Officiant

Wedding Planner &
Independent Wedding Officiant

Malin is our mix of detail-oriented organizational wizard and creative idea developer with a passion for tailored and individual weddings both domestically and abroad. Always positive and cheerful, she takes care of her clients with a lot of dedication and commitment.

Hard Facts: Studied Fashion and Design Management, Sports and Event Management, Corporate Event Planning, Internal training as a wedding planner at Festtagsdesign. For several years now, Malin has been passionately caring for her couples.

What is particularly important to you when planning your weddings?
“That each client realizes their individual dream of a wedding. Whether in a small or large circle, domestically or abroad, romantic or clean – the most important thing is that together we make your dream come true and that this realization reflects your personal touch. It is particularly important to me that this time, despite the to-dos and decision-making, becomes a relaxed and beautiful planning period for my clients. As a reliable, far-sighted, and empathetic wedding planner, I enable my clients to plan their wedding together with a lot of fun, inspiration, and anticipation. Close communication, structured planning, and a knack for details and decor are, in my opinion, particularly important to create a wedding with a seamless flow according to your individual wishes.”

Malin in three words? Warm-hearted, Design-savvy, Organized.

Doreen May

Wedding Planner

When Doreen leads a project, everyone else can relax. She has everything, really everything, under control. When it comes to project management, few can match her speed.

Hard Facts: Bachelor’s in International Business, Master’s in Advanced Marketing, and various further education courses. Since 2021, a wedding planner at Festtagsdesign.

What else is there to know about Doreen? This is what our FD team says: Doreen is an absolute team player and always keeps her sense of humor. It’s a pleasure to work with her, and you can rely on her 100%. She can quickly be excited for a good glass of wine and can tell you all about the latest trends in interior design and the wedding industry. If Doreen were a color, she would be purple. It must be fantastic for our couples when Doreen plans their wedding because they can rely blindly on her organizational talent.

Doreen in three words? Project Management Pro, Humorous, Team Player.

Sünje Sutor

Wedding Planner & Management Assistant

Wedding Planner &
Management Assistant

Sünje manages the Back Office at Festtagsdesign and oversees selected destination weddings, where her background in hotel management and leadership experience adds real value.

We asked our team members how they would describe Sünje, and here are the results: empathetic, warm-hearted, super helpful, sarcastic, reliable, keeps track of everything, top organized, compassionate, you can laugh with her all day, 100% reliable, conscientious, hardworking, and clear.

That was more than three words already.

Christina Kohler

Wedding Planner

For those seeking a wedding planner with a keen sense of trends and design, Christina is the right choice. She knows exactly which colors, shapes, and materials need to be combined to create a truly special atmosphere.

Hard Facts: Bachelor’s in Event Management, Master’s in Business Administration and Leadership, has been planning weddings at Festtagsdesign since 2021, and specializes in wedding design support.

What does the FD team say about Christina? It’s clear: Christina is always impeccably styled, and she has a strong affinity for design. When it comes to fashion and interior design, few can match her. She is always open and cheerful. Additionally, she is very detail-oriented and perfectionistic, yet absolutely hands-on and never hesitates to pitch in.

Christina in three words? Trendy, Warm-hearted, and Perfectionistic.

The experience with Festtagsdesign was outstanding from beginning to end!

Dennis & Katharina

The absolute best wedding planners I can imagine! I highly recommend Festtagsdesign to anyone looking for a stress-free, perfectly planned, and executed top-notch wedding.

Tobias & Julia

If you want to have your wedding in safe hands, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her team.

Lea & Jurek

The decision to plan our wedding celebration with Festtagsdesign was one of the best of our lives.

Franziska & Moritz

What can I say, without Karina’s know-how, a dream wedding at the Alster in Hamburg would hardly have been possible.

Alina & Severin

The service provided here is definitely unmatched in high quality.

Dania & Tom

Karina, you made our dream wedding come true, and we are endlessly grateful to you!!


The planning was feather-light, incredibly inspiring, and brought tremendous fun.

Nadine & Jan

All our expectations for our wedding were simply exceeded many times over with this incredibly fantastic weekend!

Nadine & Sebastian

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