My dear friends, another wedding season is slowly coming to an end, and it’s time to summarize this year’s trends for you.

At Festtagsdesign, we had a beautiful, busy, and diverse wedding season in 2022 with many different and magical weddings both domestically and internationally. Looking back, we recall romantic boho weddings with a glamping feel, weddings in Mallorca including pool parties, dreamy weddings at various estates and castles – but above all, we remember beautiful brides with a unique glow on their faces and proud, happiness-filled grooms.

Despite the diversity of weddings this year, some trends have emerged clearly. Therefore, here are our top 5 wedding trends for 2022.

1. Long tables instead of round tables.

The numerous round tables were replaced this year by long, elegantly set tables. Whether outdoors in Tuscany surrounded by lemon trees or at a beautiful venue, the long tables with matching bistro chairs are an absolute eye-catcher. Simple pastel-colored floral arrangements along with candle holders featuring tall taper candles make the long tables look especially appealing.

2. Lounge corners

Of course, the wedding should be about dancing and lively celebration. However, lounge corners don’t exclude a wild party night. The lounge furniture can be perfectly used for the wedding reception, combined with high tables, giving guests all possibilities. Families with small children can make themselves comfortable in between, or friends who haven’t seen each other in a while can catch up in peace—with live music in the background.

3. Getting married where others vacation

Weddings abroad were very popular this year, often spanning several days. Beautiful landscapes, the sound of the sea, and sunshine on top—who can resist that? Since such a wedding celebration entails more effort for the guests (flights, possibly hotel rooms…), couples often decide to organize a wedding weekend, starting with a “Get Together” the evening before and ending with an “After-Wedding Brunch” the day after.

4. Smaller and simpler wedding cakes

The extravagant three-tiered wedding cake is becoming less common at weddings. Instead, smaller, single-tier cakes are increasingly popular, often decorated simply—usually naked—with flowers. These cakes are often accompanied by a diverse candy bar or a donut wall, for example.

5. Elegant two-piece outfits

Classic A-line, mermaid, or princess-style dresses will never go out of fashion. However, this year they face strong competition. And that’s from elegant two-piece outfits, some adorned with lace – whether it’s a simple cream-colored pantsuit, a white, sophisticated jumpsuit with a deep back neckline, or a crop top paired with a structured skirt.

No matter which style direction you prefer, you’ll definitely find a suitable two-piece outfit this season. One thing is guaranteed: With the trendy two-piece, you can dance carefree until the early hours of the morning.

Fotos: Bluenika by Veronika Krebs, Yana Schicht, Anna-Maria Koy

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