“Oh really, you work as wedding planners? That must be a great and exciting job.”

What should we reply to that?? Yes, yes, and again yes. It’s the absolute best job in the world, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Oh, and by the way, a certain level of stress resistance would also be advantageous 😉.

But now, let’s get into the details and the exact tasks of a wedding planner.

Initial meetings and creating a rough planning outline

You’ve reached out to us and are excited about getting support for planning your big day. First, we conduct an intensive initial meeting – in whatever way suits you best, whether that’s over the phone, via video call, or even in person. Our goal is to figure out how we can best support you. Do you need help with creating the décor concept, are you undecided about which venue to choose, or would you like the “all-inclusive package”? You determine the extent to which we advise and support you. There’s the option of a comprehensive package, where we agree on a flat rate, or by the hour (if you only want support for certain aspects). Additionally, we’re happy to be by your side on your wedding day, coordinating the various service providers or pulling the strings behind the scenes. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy a relaxed engagement period.

Introducing various service providers and creating mood boards

Once we start planning, it’s our task to introduce you to several service providers for each desired aspect, whom we believe are perfect for you and your wedding. We visit locations together, organize tastings for the wedding cake or your wedding dinner, depending on your preferences. We compare offers and maintain constant communication with various providers. You’ll always be kept up to date by us, so you can go about your daily life/profession while we plan your dream wedding.

With our 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, we pay attention to details, know “almost” every wedding service provider, and quickly develop a sense for you, your wishes, and your style direction. It’s important for us that you and your guests recognize your handwriting at your wedding, not that of a wedding planner.

With the help of a mood board and a color collage – which we create for you – we then move on to detailed planning.

Wedding day assistance

If desired by you, we accompany you on the much-anticipated day, meaning:

  • we’re on-site when various service providers arrive,
  • brief the caterer, decorator, etc.,
  • ensure that the cake is cut at the right time,
  • coordinate the schedule (ceremony, wedding guest speeches, etc.),
  • always keep an eye on the timeline.

But we’re also equally happy to always be an emotional support for you. Through the usually very long and intensive wedding planning with the couple, every wedding is very special for us, and we also eagerly anticipate each one anew when the beautiful bride makes her way to her groom, who already has weak knees and can’t wait to take his sweetheart into his arms. Ah, yes, as already mentioned – we love our job!

Feel free to write to us anytime – or call if you need assistance for your wedding.

We are a team of wedding and party planners dedicated to organizing the most beautiful weddings and private celebrations wherever our clients feel most comfortable. We plan in Hamburg and celebrate all around the world!

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