“After the season is before the season.” Since we can hardly wait for the next season to start, we’ve already taken a brief look at the wedding trends for the coming year. Therefore, we present our top 5 of the hottest wedding trends for 2023.

Wedding Decoration 2023

This year, cream-colored floral arrangements, lilac napkins, light linen, and cream-colored long taper candles were frequently seen. The trend prognosis for next year suggests that things will be much brighter.

Vibrant Colours:

Which roughly translates to combining vibrant colors. For example, different colored candles paired with flowers in shades of pink, yellow, and orange, giving your wedding a summery and colorful touch.

Clean Chic in black & white:

Contrasts are in demand next year. For example, white linen tablecloths (possibly with black dishes), black vases with white roses, and black candle holders. Although black and white are strong contrasts, they create a very harmonious and elegant overall image.

Organic Weddings

This year already on the rise, “Green Weddings” will become even more prominent next year. Sustainability affects everyone and is more important than ever. So why not “get married sustainably”?! More and more couples are certainly thinking about it. Surrounded by a beautiful lake, a large meadow, or directly in the forest. With a large tent, a bonfire later in the evening, and many colorful flowers – for example, a sustainable wedding can be romantic and wonderfully executed.

Digital Wedding Invite

When it comes to sustainable weddings, digital invitation cards are a must. In addition, digital invitation cards are much quicker, easier, and more cost-effective to implement. Some couples design their own wedding website, where all the important news, dates, and facts are noted.

Floating Cake

The trend from America is slowly making its way over to Germany. This refers to multi-tiered cakes that appear to be floating at first glance. There are no limits to the design. One thing is clear: with this type of cake, you will definitely create a wow effect among your wedding guests.

Micro Weddings

Due to the limited number of attendees and the multiple COVID-related postponements of some weddings, the trend of so-called “Micro Weddings” emerged. This trend continues to exist and is gaining more and more popularity among couples.

With “Micro Weddings,” couples intentionally choose to celebrate their big day only with family and closest friends.

Photos: Anna Maria Koy, Bluenika by Veronika Krebs

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