Top Five Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Our "Top Five" for a beautiful, well-organized, and above all "stress-reducing" wedding planning

Awwww, it’s finally happening! The long-awaited marriage proposal is here, the ring is sparkling, and it fits perfectly. Of course, your best friend has already been informed.

Now, the wedding planning can begin. Ok – but where do I start? How many guests should we invite? Where and when do we want to get married? These and many more questions will occupy you in the coming months. The first wave of stress might already be looming over you. To prevent this from happening, we have our “Top Five” for a beautiful, well-organized, and above all “stress-reducing” wedding planning.

1. Get the right help for your wedding planning in a timely manner!

It’s not about desperately asking your best man or maid of honor two weeks before the wedding to help with the balloon garland and/or seating arrangement, but rather from the first day of planning, carefully considering which matters you need assistance with – and especially who can help you with them. Your best man or maid of honor, father/mother, brother/sister, or of course, a wedding planner can be involved in this. The key is to coordinate exactly who will take on which task. Often, at the beginning of wedding planning, everyone is eager to be a part of it and therefore offers their help hastily.

Ensure that too many different people are not involved, and only let people help who will implement your wishes and style, without trying to impose their personal touch on your wedding.

We at Festtagsdesign are happy to support your wedding as well. Whether it’s in a ‘full-service package,’ selected areas, or even just providing day-of coordination on one of the most important days of your life.

2. Structured wedding planning

A lot of stress is eliminated when you create a timeline for yourselves. You then know exactly what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

Start by tackling the essential points on your very long to-do list right at the beginning, to free up time for other areas. In clear terms, this means deciding on your venue well in advance, allowing enough time to find the perfect florist, baker, and all other service providers for you. It’s also advisable to inquire with photographers and DJs early on—often there are long waiting times, especially in summer, the peak season for weddings.

Furthermore, it’s somewhat relaxing and a very liberating feeling when a green checkmark can be placed next to the most important points on your list right at the beginning of the planning process.

3. Plan enough relaxation breaks

Planning a wedding is not something you do on the side; it usually takes months of meticulous planning. To prevent the process of gathering different quotes, numerous phone calls, visits, tastings, etc., from turning you into a ‘Bridezilla,’ you should regularly take breaks. Perhaps you can manage to intentionally avoid the ‘wedding topic’ on some evenings with your fiancé. Taboo topics for this evening might include whether you really want to invite Uncle Hans, whether your favorite flower shop exceeds your budget, or anything else that makes you feel uneasy.

Cook something nice, have a cozy Netflix night, or take a walk together around the city park. Such evenings and small breaks also provide the necessary energy to dive back into wedding planning with full enthusiasm the next day. The same goes for the wedding day. There are so many impressions to process on this day. Every guest wants at least a private moment with the bride and groom, and after 1.5 hours, you wonder when was the last time you actually saw your newlywed. To avoid this, you should discuss in advance that you will also take small breaks on this day. Grab two glasses of champagne and find a quiet place to toast just for yourselves.

4. Stay physically and mentally fit!

Try to avoid postponing your regularly scheduled weekly sports class due to the intensive wedding planning. Exercise is exactly the right balance against stress. If you don’t have a fixed sports appointment, now is the perfect time to start exercising. Whether it’s going for a run in the early evening, doing a yoga session in the garden, or opting for a spinning class at the gym: Exercise clears the mind and is so good for body and soul.

5. Take your wedding day as it comes

It’s finally here, the long-awaited wedding day. Endorphins are bouncing in all directions, and the stress hormone probably chimes in occasionally. Excitement and nervousness are part of it and are completely normal.

However, if you notice that the excitement is reaching a level that is not good for you anymore, there are small remedies you can use directly or even the evening before. If you’ve been struggling with a lack of sleep for nights before, try valerian. It’s best to try it out the evenings before so that it’s properly dosed on the evening before the wedding. On the wedding day, smelling a small bottle of lavender will have an immediate calming effect on you. If your circulation seems to be failing, grab a piece of glucose. Please ask your maid of honor or best man in advance to pack an emergency kit so that you have it readily available.

Otherwise, take this beautiful day as it comes. You can’t change anything anymore. You’ve been planning for months, making decisions, and probably changing decisions multiple times. That stops when you put on your wedding dress! Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy. Determine beforehand who will take care of all the organizational aspects on the day, i.e., speaking with the service team, keeping an eye on the schedule, etc.

Grab your spouse and dance exuberantly and full of happiness into the early hours of the morning.

Photos: Diana Frohmüller, Yana Schicht, Bluenika by Veronika Krebs

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